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Biblical Patriotism with Steve Wilkins

In recognition of Independence Day, we’ve produced a new podcast on biblical patriotism with Pastor Steve Wilkins.

Pastor Wilkins has been an ordained minister since 1976, and has served at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church since 1989. He is the author of several books, and produced the popular audio series on American history called, America: The First 350 Years.

More information about Pastor Wilkins and his ministry can be found at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church.

This a a timely podcast with many important insights from Pastor Wilkins.

Trinity and Reality

I just posted another podcast with Pastor Ralph Smith. We’re talking about the Trinity, and how the Trinity is more than just a doctrine that serves to define Christian orthodoxy, but it is the foundation for all of life.

Pastor Smith serves at Mitaka Evangelical Church in Tokyo, Japan. He also is the director of the Covenant Worldview Institute. Ralph has written several books and numerous essays, including Trinity & Reality: An Introduction to the Christian Faith.

This is an interesting and worthwhile podcast.

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Podcast on Masculinity with Bill Mouser

I’m pleased to pass on that our church, Christ Church of Lakeland, has produced its first podcast. Others are in the works.

This podcast is with Bill Mouser. It addresses the current state of manhood in America and looks at the need for cultivating biblical masculinity in men today.

Bill Mouser is a pastor and the founder of the International Council for Gender Studies, which has as its mission to provide biblical materials which engage the gender issues of our day. More information about Bill’s ministry can be found at

Give the podcast a listen.