Seed for the Harvest

Seed for the Harvest is a religion column that is published each week in a growing number of newspapers. Articles written since the inception of this blog can be found under the category “Seed for the Harvest.”

Newspaper editors who are interested in having the column published in their own paper are welcome to contact me for more information.

Below are some comments from readers of the column, as well as some endorsements from  editors.

Reader Comments

Pastor Bostrom is a skilled writer (which is truly becoming a lost art) who brings a unique perspective to the issues he addresses.  He has the uncommon ability and background to seamlessly weave the teachings of the scripture into a variety of modern day circumstances and issues.  Pastor Bostrom encourages the reader to contemplate and think.  He is a gifted communicator whose writings have the capacity to positively impact the lives of his readers. How many people have the opportunity to do that?  His efforts are truly appreciated.

– Mark R.

Pastor Bostrom’s weekly column is true to what the Bible says.  My husband and I often comment on how well he uses scripture to target our daily living. The column is easy to comprehend and worth reading for Christians and non-Christians alike.

– Vickie R.

What a world we live in today!  It seems that the philosophy “anything goes” is the new religion.  Seed for the Harvest helps keep its readers on the right path every week.

– Wendell W.

David Bostrom’s column is always relevant to life today and firmly based on the Bible.  It is encouraging and helpful.  He seems to know what people need, and he lays it out concisely in easy to understand terms.

– Sallie P.

I really enjoy your column Seed for the Harvest. I find much comfort in your writing. I often cut  the articles out and send them to people who live outside the area. Thank you and God bless you.

-Shelly B.

I always find Seed for the Harvest uplifting.  You have a way of delivering the right words at the right time.  My friends think so too.

-Tom G.

Thank you for the words of wisdom you share with us each week through our newspaper.  By its very constitution a newspaper is to be dedicated to informing the public of the truth concerning the issues and events of this world.  We’re grateful that our paper publishes your column as it brings the perspective of God and His answers for our time.

-Nick and Sharon S.

I look forward each week to Pastor Bostrom’s article in our local paper.  As a fellow pastor I find his words motivating, challenging, and often comforting – something we all need at times.

-Pastor Pat R.

Pastor Bostrom always presents his readers with insights and advice relevant to the challenges and obstacles faced by modern man.  Although I am of a different Christian tradition, I always appreciate the way he presents his point of view.  Even in areas where we would have disagreements, Pastor Bostrom always states his comments is a respectful, well-reasoned way.  It is my belief that all thoughtful people, regardless of religious persuasion, would benefit from reading his articles.

-Carol P.

Thank you Pastor David for sharing scriptural truths through Seed for the Harvest.  Not only does your column offer encouragement for Christian living, but oftentimes an enlightening perspective to strengthen and challenge individuals as well.

-Joan K.

God has blessed Pastor Bostrom as a gifted writer.  He has a special ability to write concisely and honestly, yet with variety.  Though his messages cover a wide range of topics, each one encourages us to live and love like Jesus Christ.

– Tom P.

Your column “Seed for Harvest” is always interesting and informative.  It is so well written too.  You provide a lot to think about in a short amount of space.  I hope that the encouragement for spiritual growth that you bring each week is being read by many.

– Pat T.

Your newspaper ministry is a blessing.  The articles are concise and clear, enabling both young and old to understand their message. . . We look forward to reading Seed for the Harvest each week, and I’m sure many others do too.

– John and Alisa P.

Each week we look forward to another relevant topic of discussion.  Pastor Bostrom’s comments are concise, informative, and thought-provoking.  He has a gracious way of driving home a point.

– Carol O.

David Bostrom’s column “Seed for the Harvest” does an excellent job bringing to mind issues that we need to be thinking about.  Each topic is always simplified and addressed in a way that is practical and appropriate.  I’m glad and thankful that these writings make the newspaper and are brought to the public’s attention.

– Chuck E.

Your subject matter and the way it is written makes me feel you are talking directly to me.  I have benefited spiritually from your Seed For the Harvest column and always look forward to reading the next one.

– Carol B.

Editor Endorsements

Dear Publisher/Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for religion columnist David Bostrom. As the Editor of the Tuscola County Advertiser, a newspaper in Caro, MI, Ihave worked with Mr. Bostrom for several years now.

Mr. Bostrom is a highly qualified columnist with the ability to meet deadlines and write interesting and informative pieces each week.  Mr. Bostrom implemented a well-received religion column in our twice-weekly newspaper several years ago and continues to do so from his residence in Florida. The Advertiser has agreed to keep Mr. Bostrom’s weeklycolumn because reader feedback has always been favorable.

I can confidently recommend Mr. Bostrom’s work for publication.  If I may provide you with any further information in your consideration of Mr. Bostrom, please feel free to contact me.


Amy Joles, Editor

Tuscola County Advertiser

To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with the Rev. David Bostrom since 2007, during which time he has provided his weekly column, “Seed for the Harvest,” for publication in The Advisor & Source Newspapers, a weekly, community-based newspaper based in Shelby Township, Mich.

Since he began appearing in our newspaper, I’ve received numerous calls and e-mails regarding his column. Simply put, our readers love him. One phone caller told me she clips his column every week and takes it to her Bible study so the group can discuss it. During the month of December, when the Rev. Bostrom was in the process of moving, he took some time off from writing – and this break did not go unnoticed! I received a call from a woman who was very concerned that his column had been missing for a few weeks; she carried on about how much she missed reading his column and hoped he returned to writing soon (which, of course, he did).

These are just a couple of the many positive calls I’ve received about “Seed for the Harvest.” I think it goes without saying, “Seed for the Harvest” is a wonderful addition to our newspaper, and would be a great fit in any publication looking to spread a little hope, comfort and insight to its readers.


Jody McVeigh, editor Advisor & Source Newspapers

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